Why choose Us?

It is a big question. It deserves a big answer.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a big thing to answer.

We have The Little Things.

Corporate Travel

We could give a big answer. A big answer might be that we built Mason Horvath from the ground up for the Corporate Executive traveller.

That our entire focus is on making both your planning process and your travel:

  • easier
  • less aggravating, and
  • dare we say it, actually enjoyable.

We could talk about the big things. But we don’t.

We talk about The Little Things.

Vacation Travel

A big answer could be that we incentivize our team based on how many “Wows!” they receive from their clients, not the number of bookings they do.

Or that our reputation for excellence led Virtuoso to ask us to be a part of their extremely limited, invitation-only network of the best-of-the-best travel companies in the world.

We could talk about the big things. But we don’t.

We talk about The Little Things.

The Little Things

You can purchase airfare almost anywhere. There are infinite ways to buy a hotel room online. But travel is much more than airfare and a hotel.

Travel is an experience. Your experience. Mason Horvath is dedicated to improving that experience.

How? It is the The Little Things that we add on top of your airfare and hotel that improve your experience. It is The Little Things, when added one after another, that make an average trip turn into something amazing.

The Little Things are what make you feel special. The Little Things become your memories. The Little Things are what you talk about when you return.

Mason Horvath specializes in The Little Things.

Show me some of The Little Things