Artificial Memory

A client of ours mentioned to us today that the camera on his phone has become his most valuable travel tool.

Artificial Memory Travel Tips

Why? He travels frequently, constantly moving from hotel to hotel and was forever forgetting his room number. He came up with the idea of taking a picture of his room number as soon as he checks in. Now if he forgets his room number, he simply pulls out his phone and looks at his last door picture.

You may never forget your room number, but there may be other uses for your camera’s ‘artificial memory’.

  • Parking at the airport? Take a picture of the parking area.

  • Traveling in a foreign land with no English? Take a picture of your destination to show your cab driver.

  • Enjoying a great bottle of wine at dinner? Take a picture of the label so you can find it at home.

And of course, don’t forget to use your camera for what it’s for: capturing memories.

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