Who is Mason Horvath?

Dean Horvath Mason Horvath

There are two common responses when I introduce myself as “Dean Horvath from Mason Horvath“. They are:

  • “Nice to meet you, Mason!”
  • “Who’s Mason? Your dad?”

So who is Mason Horvath?

Actually, “Mason Horvath” is not a person at all, it is a philosophy. Let me explain.

Before Claudia Mason and I dreamt about starting this company, we were working for one of the big, multi-national travel agencies. Internet travel websites were exploding on the scene and travel agencies were rushing to compete with them.

Efficiencies, high booking turnover, speed, lower-time-spent-per-client, automation. These were (and still are) the buzzwords of the travel industry.

Customer Service paid the price in order to compete head-to-head with the Internet.

But Claudia and I had a passion for service. We didn’t want to churn through bookings. We wanted to improve our clients’ travel experiences, not automate them.

We decided to start something new. Something different. A travel agency completely the opposite of the Internet. One that knows you. Cares about you. A travel agency that creates a far better travel experience than expected.

What could we call it? How could we differentiate ourselves from the countless other agencies out there? The decision was simple. Claudia Mason and Dean Horvath, the two founders. We used our last names.

Mason Horvath was the perfect answer. Our names would be on the door so that if we didn’t live up to our promise, we couldn’t hide. It was a challenge to ourselves to deliver what we said we would.

Mason Horvath was born.

When Claudia Mason moved on from the company in 2008, our team got together and discussed whether we should change the name. If there was no more “Mason”, could we still be Mason Horvath?

The decision was a resounding “Yes”. We had all become “Mason Horvath”; it was no longer the name of the two founders. The name had taken on a life of its own. Although the “Mason” is no longer with the company, we continue to hold proud to the name Mason Horvath because of the foundation that it was built upon and what the name signifies in ourselves.

Mason Horvath isn’t a person; it’s not two people. It’s our philosophy: to improve our clients’ travel experiences.

I invite you to try Mason Horvath for yourself and see if we live up to our name, because I still don’t hide from our promise.

Dean Horvath
Dean Horvath
Owner and President

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